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I’ve read every single book published by this author, and she is one of my favorites! Perfect escape. I love the characters, the bonds that form, the romance, the fantasy....always a great read! I am always thrilled by every new release!
— Judy O.
Ok, my favorite book of series so far!! Tricia O’Malley has truly got the gift of words! Best Heroine so far out of all her books and series. I loved Gwen and her delight in learning everything as she’s going along. Perfect paring with Loch who’s used to being in charge and not used to being questioned or challenged. Lovely story, lots of adventure and drama and sweetness all roiled into magical goodness. Now to stew and simmer while Author wracks her brain to write next story!!
— Amazon Reviewer
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New from Tricia O’Malley


A world traveler and artist, she never stays in one place for too long, or with one man.

Available as paperback, e-book and audio book.

"A wonderful read! Wild Irish Grace is magickal , exciting, thought provoking and poignant." Amazon Review.