Round 2: Love of the Irish Giveaway!

love of the irish giveaway 2.jpg

To celebrate the highly anticipated final book in the Isle of Destiny series - Sphere Song, I am hosting a Love of the Irish Giveaway!

This month we will have three big prizes in our month-long contest. As you know, it's a little tricky for me to send gift prizes from our little island in the Caribbean, so I've teamed up with two fantastic shops in Ireland to put together these handpicked prizes for you all. The first, Inishowen Bogwood Sculptures, creates stunning gifts handcrafted from 6,000 year old bogwood. The second, Tweedy's, located in Culdaff, crafts beautiful textiles such as capes and scarves.

To win the second prize package, you'll need to answer the following question!

Question: It's time to look at our handsome Irish men. In the Isle of Destiny series, which character is your favorite protector and why?

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