I was feeling a little wild...

The inspiration for this story came from a delightful little nugget that I discovered when researching the great pirate queen, Grace O'Malley. It seems that between Husband #1 and Husband #2, this fierce warrior woman fell for and had a passionate love affair with a shipwrecked sailor. Sadly, her lover was murdered and Grace, being Grace, retaliated by murdering the two men who took her lover's life. However, even after Grace went on to marry another man, she still couldn't shake her grudge against the clan who stole her lover from her. So, the pirate queen laid siege to their castle and took their lands from them. 

I mean, how epic is that? Could you imagine looking at your new husband and saying, "Hey, babe, you're super cute and all, but I'm still really pissed about the murder of my sexy sailor man. I'm going to into battle and show their clan what's what." 

And off she went...

This novel takes you back to Grace's Cove and an all grown up baby Grace - who is as contradictory as she is lovable.


Release Day- July 17th 2018
Wild Irish Grace: Book 7 in the Mystic Cove Series

WildIrishGrace cover.jpg

Is her enemy the love she’s been waiting for?

Grace O’Brien lives an unapologetic life – one where she uses magick and attitude alike to live exactly as she pleases. With talents far beyond what most can comprehend, Grace dances through life with verve and enthusiasm.

But it isn’t all magick and mirth. A secret haunts Grace through the darkest hours of the night. For in her heart lies the soul of a fierce pirate queen, one that has loved and weathered unequivocal loss. Now, as she hopes once more for true love – a love that was promised to her – It seems that Grace might not always be able to get everything that she desires.

From the moment that Dylan Kelly sailed into Grace’s Cove, the town captured his heart. Pulled by an invincible need to move to the village, Dylan changes his entire life to finally focus on his passion project. When Dylan runs headfirst into the indomitable force that is Grace O’Brien, he battles both his attraction and his ethics in order to pursue the one thing that matters most to him – building his legacy.

As centuries blur and souls collide, Grace must come to terms with the fact that she can’t control everything – even her heart.